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Parece ser que Pitágoras adquirió sus conocimientos matemáticos durante sus viajes a Egipto. “Las ciencias matemáticas tuvieron su origen en Egipto, ya que de allí el conjunto de sacerdotes disponía de tiempo libre”…

… Pero volviendo a Egipto, a lo que Pitágoras pudiera haber aprendido durante sus viajes: además de la aritmética, los egipcios también habían descubierto la geometría. Esta palabra significa literalmente, “medición de la tierra”, y sus técnicas se emplearon en principio para medir los límites de las propiedades; proceso que tenían que repetir cada que el río se desbordaba.

2. Explanation

I found this paragraph interesting because I had never wondered about how these subjects appeared. From what I read, it was accidental because the egyptians used to apply geometry without knowing it, because they used to do it to something that has nothing to do with teaching. They used it only to measure their land so they could have more control of their properties. Also, the idea of having to measure the lands everytime the river bursts its funny, because I imagined them as cartoons. ( I don´t know why, but i do).

3. Considering what I read in the book, and what I investigated, geometry appeared with the Greeks, thanks to their interest for measure land. This kind of geometry rised in Egypt, Sumer and Babylon but was improved by the Greeks. As I mention before, because of need to measure the land, the geometry appeared. What I found funny about the rivers and how they had measure several times, its true.

Geometry means “earth-measuring”, a part of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures and the properties of the space. It is one of the oldest mathematics science.

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